Monday, 17 May 2010

Put your weapon down, I hear

Would not it be wonderful if we could become inspired ?

we stumbled onto a small group of young adults
who were praising Jesus
singing and clapping

my ears embraced the 

feeling of encouragement
and support these young men and women showed one another as they began by

bringing on a rhythm 
all there own



Let Go, Let Love


  1. Sorry to be slow in commenting here.

    I love the vision you present. I'd like to hear more.

    Hope you're OK.

    Blessings on the journey.

  2. I really like this, and will be following. Gotta catch up on some reading.

    Thanks for stopping by Coach Your Mind.


  3. Hi Muriel. Sorry to have just now seen your comment from (God can it be years ago?-Ha. Anyway. A long time ago. I was working on a poem that was a project, called Walking Lines. I would write a line everyday after my scheduled walk and I used three source references for inspiration, The I Ching, Emerson and The Tao te Ching--as I recall. Anyway. You submitted a very nice comment which I had never seen until this morning. Cheers!